Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to have servers to use Loop? Do I have to install Anything?

No, Loop operates 100% from the cloud. Our system was born as a solution that operates from the cloud from its creation. There should be no hardware costs incurred. Furthermore, you can use Loop from any device connected to the internet.

Is the solution canned?

Although Loop is a general solution, we customize it to fit your operation

Do I have a contract with Loop? What penalty do I have if I want to cancel?

At Loop, we are very flexible. You only have to pay for what you use, with a cost per truck. If you want to cancel the service, just let us know and it will be canceled without penalties or fines. 100% transparent and flexible

How often are updates made?

Loop is a living system. We make updates continuously, often on a weekly basis, which are available in real-time. Our team can develop for a client's need, and that improvement is available to the entire Loop user community

Do I have user licenses? How many users can I have? Are there different access levels?

There are no user limits, and each user can be customized with the access level according to the role they occupy in your organization

How do I enter Loop?

You just need to go to the link, enter your email, your password, and you will be using Loop

Do I need internet to use Loop?

Yes, an internet connection is required. Since data consumption is low, even generating a connection point from a cell phone connected to a 3G network is sufficient to operate Loop

Can I integrate Loop with the systems I already have?

Of course! The Loop concept is to take advantage of all the resources you already have without incurring extra expenses. Loop can be integrated with your GPS, your batch system, your ERP or management system, your personnel entry system, and your fuel loading system, among others. This can be done with any system you have. It only requires that the provider of that system provides the means of integration to Loop, or that it is willing to consume Loop data. In the current world, it is rare for a system not to have some method of integration that Loop cannot take advantage of

How do I learn to use Loop?

The good news is that Loop is really easy to learn to use. First of all, there are Loop usage tutorials, both in video and step by step with images for better understanding. If remote implementation is hired, training sessions are scheduled to learn how to use it. In case of hiring an on-site implementation, our specialized team conducts training by job profile. Also, there is our online help desk permanently to assist your team at all times. Usually, one training session is enough to be able to operate in Loop.

How long does it take to start with Loop?

From the moment the Loop team receives the information requested to start (driver names, products, trucks, clients, etc.), which are simple to complete, and considering that GPS and batch system will be integrated, between 1 and 2 weeks you are already operating with Loop. The time can be shorter or longer depending on the speed at which the information is provided and the cooperation of the service providers that must be integrated with Loop

How do I pay my membership?

Payment can be made by bank transfer, debit card, credit card, and any other means agreed upon

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